Cherry Creek Academy is an academically rigorous charter school that strictly adheres to the Core Knowledge© curriculum. CCA students attend school for 182 full days each year, several days longer than other schools in not only the Cherry Creek School District, but also the state of Colorado.

CAA strongly emphasizes character development, as well as community service. CCA students are encouraged to earn character awards in Leadership, Loyalty, Humility, Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility and Diligence.

CCA uses Accelerated Reader and Saxon Math curriculum to facilitate student achievement in reading and math. 

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader Program is a research-based reading program developed by Renaissance Learning, Inc. The purpose of the program is to get students excited about reading.

Cherry Creek Academy has used this program for 10 years to encourage students not only to read but also to think about what they are reading.

AR Book Finder

Saxon Math

Cherry Creek Academy implemented the Saxon Math curriculum in October 2003. Saxon Math is an excellent fit for the Core Knowledge© Curriculum at CCA.

The publishers of Saxon Math describe it as unique because the entire program is based on introducing a topic to students and then allowing them to build upon that concept as they learn new ones. Topics are never dropped but are instead increased in complexity and practiced every day, providing the time required for concepts to become totally familiar.

This incremental approach to math differs from most traditional programs, which are "chapter-based." In these traditional texts, students are presented with and expected to learn an entire mathematical concept in one day. The homework for that day consists of 20 or 30 problems, all of which deal with that concept. The topic is then only reviewed prior to a test, if at all. Saxon textbooks, however, divide concepts into smaller, more easily grasped pieces called increments. A new increment is presented each day, and students work on only a few problems involving the new material. The remaining homework consists of practice problems involving concepts previously introduced. Thus, every assignment (and every test) is a cumulative review of all material covered up to that point.

What is Core Knowledge©?

An Idea: For the sake of academic excellence, greater fairness and higher literacy, elementary and middle schools need a solid, specific, shared core curriculum in order to help children establish strong foundations of knowledge, grade by grade.

A Guide: To specific, shared content, as outlined in the Core Knowledge Sequence (a grade-by-grade guide to important knowledge) and supported in Core Knowledge resources, including the What Your Kindergartner – Sixth Grader Needs to Know book series.

A School Reform Movement: Taking shape in hundreds of schools where educators have committed themselves to teaching important skills and the Core Knowledge content they share within grade levels, across districts and with other Core Knowledge schools across the country.