The CCA Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established by our founders to provide ongoing financial support to Cherry Creek Academy. All proceeds are used toward educational, staff and /or facility improvements so that CCA may carry out its mission of “Motivated students and responsible parents working together with exemplary teachers for excellent education.”


Our role is significant! Cherry Creek Academy is a Core Knowledge charter school that receives only a percentage of the funding allocated for schools in the Cherry Creek School District. Three-fourths of this money received is spent on teacher and staff salaries, one-eighth toward building expenses and another one-eighth on consumables, such as workbooks, licensing renewals, etc. Therefore, the school has limited funds for additional academic and facility needs (such as technology or building updates).

The Foundation seeks to bridge this funding gap through charitable contributions and unique fundraising events. We ask that every family consider helping CCA by either providing a monetary contribution (please click on the giving tab) and/or by attending a fundraiser.These events are community building, fun and an excellent way to support CCA.  

Many people wonder how the PTO and CCA Foundation are different. The difference is in how we fundraise and what the money is used for. The purpose of the PTO is to enhance the overall school experience by providing support to the school community and teachers, sponsoring social events and creating opportunities for parental involvement. They fundraise by requesting a $25 flat fee per pupil, as well as participating in Scrip Cards sales, used-uniform Sales, Box Tops collections, gift-wrap sales, etc.

The purpose of the CCA FOUNDATION is to meet the larger financial needs of the school, assisting with expenses that usually cost more than $10,000, such as computer labs and Smart Boards. They fundraise through donations and isolated events like silent auctions.