Admissions Policies

Wait list, Admissions & Withdrawal Policies
Admittance to Cherry Creek Academy is done according to placement on the wait list of prospective students. Names are placed on the wait list according to the date that the letter of intent for each child is received by our school. Although the letter of intent can be submitted at any time, the date of receipt of the letter of intent can be no earlier than the date the child was born. There are separate wait lists for each grade. Parents will be notified by mail or a phone call when an opening is available for their child.

Kindergarten Wait List
ChildrenΚΌs names will be added to a single kindergarten list, and slots will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Priority for open slots is given in the following order:

       1. Child1 of a Cherry Creek Academy employee.

       2. A kindergartner whose name is up for enrollment but whose parents did not accept a spot                     because a determination was made that the child is not ready for kindergarten will be given                   priority for the next school year, using the priority guidelines set forth in this policy.

       3. Sibling2 of a currently enrolled Cherry Creek Academy student.

       4. Gap sibling3.

       5. A student who lives in the Cherry Creek School District.

       6. A student who lives outside of the Cherry Creek School District.

With the exception of in-district priority, priority will be given only once for each child on the wait list and will no longer apply if a slot using priority is declined. Once a priority slot is declined, the child’s name may stay on the wait list, but the date of the letter of intent will be changed to the date Cherry Creek Academy was notified of the refusal of the slot. Children will be assigned to each class/grade in order of priority, until each classroom has reached its optimal size.

1 A child (children), as defined by Cherry Creek Academy, is a person under the age of 18 who has a biological, adoptive or legal parental relationship with a Cherry Creek Academy employee. The relationship between a child and parent must be legally documented before a person will be considered a child of a parent.

2 A sibling(s), as defined by Cherry Creek Academy, is a person who has a brother or sister currently enrolled at Cherry Creek Academy and shares with the brother or sister at least one common biological or adoptive or permanent-custodial (with full parental rights) parent. A child must be in the physical custody of the biological/adoptive/permanent-custodial parent, and the legal relationship for a biological/adoptive/permanent-custodial parent must be finalized and formally documented to show completion of the legal process before a child will be considered a sibling to receive sibling priority.  In an adoption from a foreign country, the legal adoption documents may be from the country from which a child is adopted pending final adoption paperwork from the United States of America.

3 A gap sibling is a sibling of a child who has graduated from Cherry Creek Academy.


Sibling Priority
Families who are delinquent in kindergarten tuition will only be offered half-day slots for siblings entering kindergarten.

If a grade has been filled and there is no available slot at the time a sibling is eligible to enroll at Cherry Creek Academy, his/her name will be placed on the priority list for that grade. Priority for an available slot will be determined by the earliest date of admission for a sibling currently attending Cherry Creek Academy.

Failure to Claim Priority
Names will be removed from the wait list for the following reasons:

  • Refusal of an available slot. Once a slot is declined for any reason, that child’s name will be deleted unless the parent requests that child’s name remain on the wait list. The child’s name may stay on the wait list, but the date of the letter of intent will be changed to the date Cherry Creek Academy was notified of the refusal of the slot. 

  • No response to phone calls or to mail sent to parents. It is the sole responsibility of the parent to keep us informed of any changes in address and phone numbers so that Cherry Creek Academy can contact the parent when needed. Cherry Creek Academy will not contact parents about wait list changes.

  • Necessary admission forms not submitted in a timely manner. After accepting an available slot, enrollment forms will be sent to the parent. These forms need to be returned by the deadline noted to complete the admissions process. The parent will also need to register his/her child with the Cherry Creek School District Admissions office as a part of the process to officially enroll his/her child at Cherry Creek Academy.

  • Non-attendance at a mandatory parent information meeting. After accepting an available slot, Cherry Creek Academy parents are required to attend an information meeting about Cherry Creek Academys policies, protocols and expectations of parents and students. Failure of the parent to attend a meeting will result in the disenrollment of that child from Cherry Creek Academy.

Admissions Cut-off Date
New students are admitted until October 1 of the current school year. No new students will be accepted for 8th grade unless a younger sibling has been admitted or the student is a child of a Cherry Creek Academy employee.

Educational Criteria
There are no educational criteria for admission.

Parents who are withdrawing their children from Cherry Creek Academy should notify the school office and complete the necessary withdrawal forms. In addition, students who miss more than four weeks of school because of travel or other official or personal business must officially withdraw from Cherry Creek Academy. The school will then process the paperwork and notify the Cherry Creek School District Admissions office.  (Approved by CCA Board 6-11-13)

Admission Policies
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