Dress Code Policy: A Friendly Reminder

Dress Code Policy: A Friendly Reminder
Dress Code
  • No costume headbands or hair accessories
  • One pair of post earrings only
  • Solid, uniform colored socks and tights
  • Students must wear a belt if their pants have belt loops

It is Cherry Creek Academy’s philosophy that the learning environment is significantly influenced by student’s attire. The purpose of CCA’s uniform policy is to reinforce an academic atmosphere, minimize economic and competitive differences among students, reduce the distraction and cost of fashion, and reduce disruption and disciplinary problems.

Please take a few moments to review the student dress code policy on pages 24-27 in CCA's Parent Student Handbook.

"Smart Watches" are allowed at CCA. However, if they become a distraction to a student they will be confiscated and the student will lose this privilege. If your student chooses to wear a smart watch at school, it must remain on "airplane mode" during school hours. This feature prevents the watch from sending and receiving text messages and phone calls.