About Us

Cherry Creek Academy (CCA) is authorized by the Cherry Creek School district (CCSD) and is their sole charter school.  With 569 students in grades K-8, CCA enjoys a diverse (40% minority) student body population with over 24 nationalities represented.  The total CCA school population represents less than 1% of the students in the CCSD.  The CCA mission statement is “motivated children and responsible parents working together with dedicated teachers for excellent education.”  CCA was founded in1995, and has been in operation for 22 years. 

CCA strictly adheres to the Core Knowledge curriculum and also places a stringent emphasis on student character development as well as community service. Starting in Kindergarten, students earn letter grades in all content-area classes.  CCA students are also encouraged to earn character awards in Leadership, Loyalty, Humility, Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, and Diligence.

CCA students attend school for 183 full days each year, several days longer than other schools in not only the CCSD, but also the state of Colorado.  CCA students are required to wear uniforms each day, and CCA parents are strongly encouraged to donate at least 40 hours per family each year.   Total parent volunteer hours in any given year exceed 15,000.

CCA has been awarded the John Irwin School of Excellence award every year since its inception.  For the 2012-13 school year, CCA was also awarded the Governor’s Distinguished Growth award. 

In 2012, Coloradoschoolgrades.com ranked the CCA middle school as the #1 school in the state of Colorado based on overall test scores, growth scores, and growth gap scores.  CCA is the only school in the state of Colorado to have achieved a “Top 10” ranking each of the last two years.

Within each core content area, CCA teachers emphasize and differentiate lifelong learning and critical thinking skills.  The CCA curriculum is advanced one year starting in Kindergarten. 

CCA graduates are college-tracked in high school, most always at least one year ahead of the traditional grade progression.  They also are recognized as both high school and collegiate leaders in both academics and character.  CCA prides itself in preparing outstanding students for excellence in high school, college, and life.