Pi Day

Pi Day is TODAY: Please Don't Forget to Turn in Your Pies
Pi Day

Pi Day is TODAY!

Attention parents, this Wednesday is Pi Day. Due to the construction on the gym we will be utilizing the front parking lot for our pie eating competition. Because of this the parking lot will be closed from 2:15 until after dismissal. Please make note of this change and do not park in the front parking lot if you will be needing to get out after 2:15.

Attention all Pi enthusiasts, March 14th‚Äč, Pi Day, is today! Each and every year we spend 3/14 celebrating this special number in all its irrationality. Today, March 14th, 5th through 8th grades will spend the afternoon celebrating this mathematical constant. On this day we will celebrate π with a variety of competitions and of course lots and lots of Pi(e)!
5th through 8th graders are allowed to participate in several different competitions that will take place today, 3/14.
Recitation of the Digits of Pi: This competition will put your memorization skills to the test! Participants will be given a chance to recite the digits of Pi that they have memorized. The person who recites the most digits, without error, wins! (There will be a winner for 5/6 and a winner for 7/8). Start memorizing!
Pi Literature: Students have the opportunity to write a piece of literature with regards to the mathematical constant Pi. Get creative! It can be a short story, a poem, a song! Entries were due Friday, March 9th so that the judges could pick the winners! (There will be a winner for 5/6 and a winner for 7/8).
Homemade Pi(e) Baking Competition: This is the chance for those students who love to bake to wow the judges with their baking skills. The student with the most delicious homemade pi(e) will be declared ultimate chamPIon!
Pi(e) Eating Competition: A select few lucky pi(e) enthusiasts will get a chance to show of their chops…do they have what it takes to be the fastest pi(e) punisher CCA has ever seen? The quickest quasher of their pi(e) wins!
There will also be a few other competitions held tomorrow, 3/14 that students will be allowed to participate in as they indulge their sweet tooth on this mathematically masterful day!
If students wish to participate in any of the official competitions they MUST sign up for their competition of choice. The sign-up sheet can be found outside of Mr. Andrew Loomis’ classroom. Sign-up quick because these spots won’t last long!

There are several different opportunities that arise as a result of Pi Day. We need LOTS of pi(e). CCA offers 1 volunteer hour for each homemade pi(e) brought in by a family (up to two hours per family) OR CCA offers 1 volunteer hour for 2 store bought pi(e)s (up to two hours per family).

We will also need some lovely volunteers to help run the afternoon (set up, pi(e) cutting, pi(e) distributing, supervision, AND clean-up). Please see the following link to sing-up for this wonderful day!