Admissions FAQs

1) What is the admissions process at Cherry Creek Academy (CCA)?
Admittance to CCA is based on the date that CCA receives the completed  Letter of Intent/Waitlist Application ( for your student. The waitlist is a first-come, first-serve basis, using the priority listed in the Admissions Policies.

2) How do I add my student’s name to the waitlist?
Your student's name will be placed on the waitlist once the completed Waitlist Application has been received by CCA. The Waitlist Application can be submitted at any time after the birth of your child. Your student's name will be added to the appropriate grade level waitlist based on the date that we received the completed Waitlist Application. The Waitlist Application is available on our website under the Admissions tab. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the form is received. Your student's name is placed on the waitlist according to the date the Waitlist Application is received at CCA. We do not enroll new 8th graders, unless there is a sibling who is attending our school or if the student has already attended CCA.

3) Do I need to submit a new Waitlist Application each year?
No. A Waitlist Application needs to be submitted only once for each student. Your student's name will remain on the waitlist from grade to grade until you advise CCA Admissions to remove your student's name, you accept an open position at CCA, or you decline an available position for your student.

4) Is there a lottery for admission?

There is no lottery for admission. Your student's position on the waitlist determines admission. The complete waitlist priority basis can be found under
Admissions Policies.

5) Do in district and out of district families rank the same on the waitlist?

CCA is a charter school within the Cherry Creek School District (CCSD). As a result, students living within the CCSD have priority over those students living outside of the CCSD.

6) When is the best time to inquire about my student’s status on the waitlist?
The most accurate picture of a student’s likelihood to be offered a position at CCA can be given in late February or early March the year before you would like your child(ren) to attend.

7) How can I reach the Admissions Director with questions?

8) Is priority given to siblings of students already enrolled at CCA?
Siblings of enrolled students have priority on the waitlist. We offer admission to siblings based on availability in the student's grade level. The date the earliest enrolled sibling was admitted is used to determine priority for siblings.

9) Does my student’s status on the waitlist change?
Our waitlist is constantly changing, so information on a particular student is only accurate for the date the information is given.

10) How do I know if my student’s Waitlist Application has been received?
Because we receive a large volume of applications, please be patient if you request to receive a receipt by email. If you have any questions, please follow up with an email at

11) Does Cherry Creek Academy charge tuition? 
The Colorado Legislature has approved full-day kindergarten, beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. This means that Cherry Creek Schools will now offer full day kindergarten, and there will be no cost to families. Cherry Creek Academy is a public charter school within the Cherry Creek School district; therefore, we do not charge tuition. 

12) May I have a tour of the school?
Please look at our calendar for tour dates. Private tours are available for families who are being offered admission to CCA. Please email
to schedule a tour.