CCA is Going 1:1

We have some exciting changes in student technology at Cherry Creek Academy this school year! Each student will be responsible for and have a Chromebook device assigned to them. In elementary school (Grades K-4), the Chromebook will remain in the classroom charging station unless in use by the assigned student. In middle school (Grades 5-8), the Chromebook will go home. Please read the Chromebook Handbook and complete the necessary forms prior to the start of school to ensure your student receives their Chromebook during the first week of school. 
You can purchase Chromebook Insurance for $35 prior to the first day of school. This plan is described in more detail within the Chromebook Handbookand will be available for purchase soon. Middle school students will need to bring a 14" case, or purchase one from Cherry Creek Academy for $20, prior to being assigned a Chromebook. 
Student devices will be protected by Securly, even when the device leaves the CCA campus. Parents will also have access, through Securly, to see what students view online when using their Chromebook. Please watch for more information later this summer.