Buddy Bench

buddy bench image

CCA's very own Buddy Bench arrived on the school playground. The idea behind the Buddy Bench is that if someone is lonely, having a hard time, or needs a friend to play with, they can sit on the Buddy Bench and someone will come over and check on them and invite them to play. Along with bringing a Buddy Bench to CCA, we have also created the job of "Buddy Bench Monitor." In each classroom, teacher's assign a monitor for each recess (the monitor could hold this job for a day or for the week, depending upon how the classroom teacher decides to assign this job). The Buddy Bench Monitor is a student who is kind and compassionate. The monitor checks in on anyone who sits on the bench and talks to them or invites them to join their game. In Elementary grades, these monitors wear blue pinnies so that they can easily be identified. For our Middle School grades, members of our Peer Helpers club monitor the Buddy Bench. Recess aides have witnessed students taking pride in their monitoring duties and being awesome examples of kindness.