Caring Community

Caring Community
Have you heard your child excitingly tell you they visited Mr. Loomis’ mailbox today? Or have you noticed a colorful square sticker on their shirt? If you have, your child was awarded a Caring Community. Here at CCA the staff love to recognize students displaying our Eagle Honor Traits.

Bimonthly, a name from each grade level is drawn for the Monthly Caring Community Winners. Free dress and a prize is rewarded with the hopes more students will hop on board and join CCA’s anti-bullying campaign. So when you hear about your child visiting Mr. Loomis’ mailbox or see your child displaying a CCA ABC (Anti-Bullying Campaign) character sticker ask them what task they were recognized for and congratulate them on thinking beyond themselves. 
October's Caring Community Members
*Denotes Caring Community Members
Ashleigh A.
Terry A. 2 *
Zane A.
Daniella A.
Oliver B. 2 *
Brooke B. *
Ashton C. *
Izabel D.
Leah E.
Charlotte F.
Aadison G.
Kinza K. *
Minna K.
Hyo Jae L. 2
Min Jae L. *
Yeva L. *
Brody M.
Chloe M.
Madison M.
Noah M. 3
Gianna P.
Mira P.
Simon P.
Allen R.
Rishika R. 2
Avrei S.
Greta S. *
Olivia S. 
Sanvi S.
Yanet S.
Noelle S.
Aashivi T.
Gavin T.
Liam T. *
John W.
Nancy W.
William Z.