CCA Non-Negotiables

At the November 30, 2000 Board work session, the Board identified a list of programmatic non‐negotiables. These are founding principles that cannot be compromised.

1. We follow the Core Knowledge curriculum.

2. We use a systematic, synthetic phonics curriculum in the primary language arts curriculum.

3. Students receive letter grades, K‐8.

4. We require the use of a single source for uniformsas designated by CCA.

5. Students are assigned and use textbooks in major subjects.

6. CCA offers free after-school tutoring.

7. Free additional instruction, by various means, is available to students. An example could be summer tutoring.

8. Our teachers are hired and retained with one‐year, at‐will contracts.

9. CCA uses a defined hiring process that includes aptitude and personality tests and final interviews.

10. Our teacher compensation is performance‐based.

11. The CCA School Calendar is based on a minimum of 1274 annual hours of instruction for grades 1 through 8.

12. CCA requires that parents sign a parent contract that emphasizes expectations of a CCA family.