Specials Classes

Cherry Creek Academy (CCA) students enjoy a well-rounded program of specials classes including: 

Visual Art at CCA focuses on Art History, Art Production, Art Techniques and Materials as well as Art Criticism. Our Subject matter comes from the Core Knowledge Sequence. Students participate in the K-8 art program on a regular weekly basis. K-6 participates in art twice weekly and 7-8 participates once weekly. We have a K-1 Art teacher and a 2nd - 8th grade Art teacher on staff. 

Art production focuses on using the principles and elements of design through a variety of media to create finished pieces. Our students are taught to be artists and to value the work that they create. Through art we explore communication, aesthetics, culture and history. We put our imaginations to work and develop skills and techniques through a wide range of art materials, 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional media. We incorporate a variety of disciplines including math and writing in addition to hands on art production to immerse the children into the Visual Arts. CCA participates in a variety of Art shows throughout the school year to emphasize the nature of Visual Arts. Our students learn the value of art from a young age and are proud to call themselves artists.

The music department at CCA serves every grade and strives to develop proficient and competent young men and women in preparation for high-school programs and post-secondary life. Using the Core Knowledge Curriculum to meet state and national standards, students realize music performance vocally and on instruments, compose and improvise music lines, identify and describe various composers and their music from each era of music history, analyze the quality of music performances, read and perform traditional music notation, explore advanced facets of music theory, and demonstrate various other proficiencies and competencies.

Students are provided with opportunities to pursue instrumental music in band and orchestra and concentrated vocal performance in middle-school choir. Expectations for student accomplish across grade levels are high and students emerge well prepared for their future endeavors.


At CCA, we use computers to help students develop their understanding of Core Knowledge topics while they gain experience with computer techniques. Our students use desktop publishing, coding, website design, presentations, video productions, musical compositions, animations, and various multimedia methods to creatively explore and present concepts from their Core Knowledge curriculum. This hands-on approach is designed to help students understand classroom topics from a new perspective, while developing technical proficiency at the same time.

The CCA Library  is a central part of the school and is located appropriately in the center of the building. The librarian meets with kindergarten through first-grade students twice per week and second through eighth- grade students once per week. Younger students participate in author studies, learn reading strategies and comprehension skills, and are read stories that connect to the Core Knowledge curriculum. Older students learn comprehension and research skills. All students are given the opportunity to check out books once per week. They use computers to provide access to the library catalog, Accelerated Reader quizzes, the Internet and online learning. The library's roll is to enhance student success and encourage students todevelop a life-long love of reading.

Physical Education

Physical Education at CCA provides an environment that students can learning through physical activity. Student engagement in many different activities, not just sports, allow student to broaden their horizons on what physical activity is and why it is important. The mission is to empower all students to sustain an lifelong desire to be physically active as a foundation for a healthy life. Student will learn through several activities this year such as Team building, Cooperations games, Volleyball, Badminton, Pickleball, Quidditch, Tinikling sticks, Tawkra and more.