Mili Hilbert was born Milagros Vargas Suarez in New York City, and
spent her childhood there. Mili has lived in Texas, Virginia, and moved
here from New Jersey in 2016.

As a pre-teen her family moved back to their native Puerto Rico. Upon
graduation from high school, she attended the University of Puerto Rico
as a pre-med student. Wanting to pursue something practical, since she
had always been an indoor, book reading nerd, she shocked her family
and friends by joining the US Army. There she put her pre-med studies
to use by studying medical laboratory procedures. She spent many
years as a medical technologist, specializing in immunohematology and
general laboratory, until an accident caused her to change fields.
A good friend who taught Spanish convinced her to return to school and
become a teacher, which Mili had always wanted to do. She received her
BA in Spanish from Rutgers University. She continued and completed
her MA in Spanish in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, through the
University of Northern Iowa. She started to work on her PhD until life
changes brought her to Colorado.
Teaching Philosophy

Coming Soon