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Building our Future of Academic Excellence in a Value Rich Community 


Cherry Creek Academy is a Core Knowledge charter school with motivated students and responsible parents working together with exemplary teachers to provide excellent education in an environment that upholds the high expectations and values of leadership, responsibility, respect, loyalty, integrity, humility, diligence and compassion. 

History of CCA

Cherry Creek Academy was started in 1995 by a group of parents from throughout the district. Their goals were to provide a higher quality education using “core values” such as Core Knowledge© curriculum, phonics, letter grades, textbooks, strong discipline, character education, uniforms and extensive parent involvement. Classes began in September 1995 with a full enrollment in grades K-6. Cherry Creek Academy has matured into a stable, high-quality K-8 educational institution and will continue to be one of the leading schools in the charter school movement!

Curriculum: Academically Rigorous Learning 

Cherry Creek Academy is an academically rigorous charter school. CCA students in grades 1-8 attend school for a cumulative of 1274 hours each year, several days longer than other schools in not only the Cherry Creek School District, but also the state of Colorado. CCA recognizes quarterly academic excellence for honors and high honors in ceremonies held each semester.  High honors are for all A’s, honors are for all A’s and one B.

CCA utilizes the
Core Knowledge Sequence Curriculum©, that provides a clear outline of content to be learned grade by grade so that knowledge, language, and skills build cumulatively from year to year. This sequential building of knowledge not only ensures that students enter each new grade ready to learn, but also prevents the repetitions and gaps that so often characterize current education.

For more information about Core Knowledge at CCA, please click here

CCA also uses
Saxon Math curriculum that has proven to be an excellent tool to ensure CCA's students' mastery of mathematical language and concepts.  Saxon Math™ provides a learning structure proven to advance students steadily and assuredly to higher levels of understanding. This incremental approach to CCA's math curriculum provides concepts from every math strand that are woven together and connected throughout the year. Skills or concepts are reinforced throughout the years, helping students build a strong foundation of understanding.

Gifted & Talented at CCA:

For more information about our Gifted & Talented program at CCA please click here or contact Seth Geltman at sgeltman@cherrycreekacademy.org

Specials Classes: 

CCA students are provided with a comprehensive and well-rounded program of specials classes including:
  • Art
  • Music
  • Computers/Technology
  • Library/Media
  • Physical Education

Please click here to learn more about CCA's Specials. 

Character Development: 

CCA also implements a character education program based on the Caring Community and Eagle Honors systems.  The school emphasizes the character traits of compassion, diligence, humility, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and responsibility. CCA follows a common language regarding character education, and rewards students for their efforts in personal character excellence through Eagle Honors awards and the Caring Community program.

Extracurricular Activities: 

CCA generally offers a wide array of extracurricular activities including foreign language, chess, and many others.  

CCA also offers students a robust athletic program and several clubs and activities to choose from. For the current athletic calendar, please click here. For more information about CCA's athletic program, please contact the athletic director

Please note, many extracurricular activities have been impacted by the national pandemic and will resume as soon as safety guidelines allow. The safety and wellbeing of our students always remains our highest priority. 

Girls Volleyball (Fall) 6-8
Boys Soccer
(Fall) 5-8
Boys Basketball
(Winter) 6-8
Girls Basketball
(Winter) 6-8
Girls Soccer
(Spring) 5-8
Boys Volleyball
(Spring) 6-8
CoEd Cross Country: 5-8

Colorado League of Charter Schools: 

CCA is a proud member of the Colorado League of Charter Schools

Who is the Colorado League of Charter Schools?
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