Below is a listing of Board Committees.  Meetings are public, unless otherwise stated.  If you have questions or are interested in becoming a member of the committee, please see the assigned board member below:  (* indicates committee chair)

Communications Committee:  Chaired by Kathy Underhill 

This committee is responsible for CCA's annual Teacher Service Awards, quarterly reports to parents regarding volunteer hours logged and associated volunteer name tags, school-tour oversight and organization of the Town Hall meetings and other special events.  This committee also works with administration to implement communication strategies to help keep parents informed. Please click here for the Communication Committee Agendas and Minutes.

Finance Committee: Chaired by Aaron Castro and Board Member Kathy Underhill

The Finance Committee oversees and monitors CCA's financial affairs, including budgeting, expense approvals, fund balances, and meeting financial requirements of various government agencies and debt issuers. Please click here for the Finance Committee Agendas and Minutes.

Governance Committee:  Chaired by Lara Baker and Members Kelly Fletcher and Allison Reynolds

The Governance Committee helps the CCA Board provide oversight that complies with our Charter, bylaws and contract with Cherry Creek School District by maintaining, updating and initiating policies and procedures related to Cherry Creek Academy and the CCA Board. It also acts as the Board liaison to the School Accountability (SAC) Committee. Please click here for Governance Committee Agendas and Minutes. 

Human Resources (HR) Committee: Chaired by Joanne Jordan and Member Lara Baker

The HR Committee includes the Board President, an appointed Board Chairperson and the CCA Director. This committee sets annual goals and performs an annual review of its only employee, the CCA Director, with input from board members.  While the CCA Director is responsible for managing all CCA staff, the HR Committee is a resource for recruitment, hiring, ERS, pay for performance, termination, correction action of CCA employees as well as provides consultation on HR policies. These meetings are confidential so agendas and minutes are not available to the public, nor are these meetings public.

School Accountability Committee (SAC): Chaired by Bill Baumgartner

The SAC is a required committee of all schools and falls under the Governance Committee.  This committee elects a parent chair person each year and implements two annual surveys – the Teacher Feedback Survey and the Climate Survey.  CCA Director and administrative staff present the School Unified Improvement plan and school Dashboard for committee feedback. Please click here for the SAC Dashboard. Please click here for SAC Agendas and Minutes.

Strategic Planning:  Chaired by Aaron Castro

This committee helps to define and monitor goals and objectives in reference to and supportive of the school’s mission. All board members are part of this committee, which typically meets in the fall and spring, or as special topics arise. Please click here for the agendas and minutes.

Technology Committee: Chaired by Joanne Jordan and Member Shaden Awada 

The Technology Committee oversees Cherry Creek Academy’s technology assets and provides consultation and advice to the school on technology decisions.

Equity Committee: Chaired by Kelly Fletcher and Member Shaden Awada

Please click here for the agendas and minutes.

Ad Hoc Committees: (assigned at the time)

These can include Board Election, Board Vacancy, and others as needed.  These committees are approved at board meetings for a time specific period and a committee chair is assigned at that time by the Board President.

Foundation Board: 

This board is a separate 501(c)(3) organization that supports Cherry Creek Academy, Inc., as it implements its mission statement. The Foundation provides feedback to the CCA Parent Board of Directors in matters relating to fundraising, grant writing, grants and the financial status of the CCA Foundation. Currently the Foundation runs the annual Fun Run in the spring and coordinates the scholarships provided to CCA alumni. Please click here for the Foundation Agendas and Minutes.

Facilities Inc Board: Chaired by Aaron Castro

This board is a separate entity that holds the facilities for Cherry Creek Academy. CCA as a school cannot own property so therefore this board oversees all debt on the mortgage. Please click here for the Facility Agendas and Minutes.